Movie Review for Fifty Shades of Grey

Movie Review for Fifty Shades of Grey


1.8 out of 5
Fifty Shades of Grey


1.8 out of 5

Movie Review for Fifty Shades of Grey

fifty shades of grey books and movies

50 Shades of Grey is about the life and lifestyle of Christian Grey and his interactions and growth through acceptance and unconditional love. The books and consequently the movie, bring Domination/Submission lifestyle into the spotlight showing the differences between a healthy and unhealthy lifestyle. The books delve into a subject and lifestyle that is widely controversial and still mostly considered taboo.

Many people had doubts and questions as to how the movie makers could follow the book and still have a tasteful plot for those who enjoy this type of movie entertainment. While some will never accept a movie that is as explicit as 50 Shades of Grey, the movie had excellent results and did a fantastic job illustrating the sensual aspects of the story that came with the book series. The movie has shown very well the internal struggles between characters, thereby receives two thumbs up and encouragement for the production of the next installment to be fabulous.

– Author Alicia Andrews | The Maury Star

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