Chris Kyle American Sniper Movie Reviews

Chris Kyle American Sniper Movie Reviews


3.75 out of 5
American Sniper Rating


3.8 out of 5

Chris Kyle American Sniper Movie Reviews


Chris Kyle is an American Navy Seal disdain by critics calling this movie one that glorifies murder.

What I find utterly amusing about this notion is the lack of American citizens capable of seeing beyond the big picture. That is, if American citizens knew of the shortage of professionals in fields of Psychiatry and Psychological therapy due to the demand of military soldiers discharged with major mental health instabilities in need of care, they would find themselves amazed they knew absolutely nothing to acquire such an opinion as that of American Sniper glorifying murder.

In fact, such an opinion is quite contrary to what should be interpreted through this movie. It goes without saying, the entire plot and climax of this movie denotes a family brought back together once Kyle is home from war that will soon undergo the captors of psychological warfare soldiers must endure upon parting ways with their past.

Summarizing this review is simple; if you’re young enough and share the same opinion that this movie glorifies murder, a medical degree and four year residency in Psychiatry might change your mind. However, if it’s to late for you to achieve this level of education, consider a broader interpretation, that helping our soldiers back to sanity is no easy task at hand.

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